Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Become An Art Master

Maumee Valley Country Day School
Become An Art Master: 5-8 grade
During this week, students learned about a few famous artists and recreated art work in the inspiration of these artist. The first artist was Vincent Van Gogh. The students picked their favorite Van Gogh image and recreated it using oil pastel. Students had to measure a wide border around the center square which became a frame for their art work. Students also learned about the texture and brush marks that Van Gogh used in his oil paintings. These (See Below) were the best recreations by my class of 5-6th graders.

 The Second Artist was Jackson Pollock. Students helped make a cardboard wall to act as a barrier to keep our splatter paint in the painting area. And wearing old painting clothes we got to work. Students experimented with different kinds of splatter and drip techniques. The end result was a poster size Splatter painting in the inspiration of Pollock. We even used some recycled brown paper and used the rest of the paint to create a group splatter-drip painting. This would lead into the next project...

 For this project students created frames made out of colored paper, glue and pastel. They then measured and cut up the group splatter painting to fit inside their handmade frames. 
 Carefully measured and framed...These completed projects turned out great! 

 Here is a project  from the "DaVinci Notebook day." Using the back side of an old cardboard jewelry box the students glued on colored tissue paper to add color and texture. Students then added a nature drawing that was drawn in their sketch books from our previous nature walk. We talked about DaVinci and his notebooks and how many artist keep a sketch book or journal to draw and write down ideas. These were nice little colored pencil drawings and were very easy to hang using the inside edge of the box!

 This project was using the inspiration of Greek pottery. Students had to come up with a story and then draw/paint this story out on the clay pot. Around the top of the pot students had to create a pattern similar to the Greek geometric patterns. The second part of the project was to create the story characters in 3-D, using model magic. This family of Lions were the main characters for a great story...

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