Thursday, December 15, 2011

All About Scapes

 Maumee Valley Country Day School
All About Scapes Week

During this week, students have learned about the differences between landscapes and cityscapes. The first day, students picked their favorite building or cityscpape of Toledo, Ohio and recreated it using either color pencil, markers, or crayons.

 Here are a few of my students hard at work.
 After going on a nature walk every day and drawing sketches using their outside portable drawing boards, students picked from their favorite sketch. They were then prompted to draw their sketch at a larger size and paint it with water color. Here are a few examples of landscapes from around the school:

Students also learned about the different types of landscapes throughout Ohio. With the use of Ohio Landscapes Books they could visually see the difference of trees, farmland, swampland, grassland, hills and rivers..etc...throughout Ohio. Some students said these images were very different from what they normally see each day.
Continuing with the idea of cityscapes, we talked about Frank Lloyd Wright and his unique style of buildings. For this project students created their own style of buildings. A heavy card stock was used for the background, then their buildings were drawn on with a pencil. Students then took a glue bottle and went over each pencil mark with a line of glue. After the glue had dried, students had a choice to color their buildings with oil pastel and regular dry/chalk pastel.                                                                                 (As a reminder this is a 2 day project because the glue needs to dry over night.)

 Kinda looks like a Dr. Seuss town....

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  1. I like this idea very much. It's nice how they have a magical quality.