Sunday, October 9, 2011

Comic Book and Cartoon Hero Art: Summer 2011

Maumee Valley Country Day School: Summer Time Program
Comic Book and Cartoon Hero Art: Grades 5-8
 For this class I had 15 students, with 12 boys and 3 girls. Here are student examples of Comic Trading Cards. They had to create a comic book character and draw that character on one side of the card and facts and info on the other. I found plastic slips to protect their drawings. Shown: Powerhouse and Acid Hand.
 Here are the completed Comic Books. I showed them a comic book lay out and how we could easily create our own. They had to use the same character that they created for their Comic Trading Cards. A story was created with drawn images and written text. Through out the week this Comic Book was used as an extra time project.
 The students created a 3-d version of their Comic Cartoon Hero using colored model magic. Keeping in mind that it had to be the same character from the previous projects.

 Here is a student's Cartoon Self-Portrait. This was created with the inspiration of cartoon cells. Students traced over a photograph of themselves on a clear plastic/acrylic sheet then painted the back side with crayola tempera. Next they had to create a background. The students all seemed to enjoy this project, and thought it was "cool" that the completed project looked like them just a cartoon version. 
 With a poster size paper that did not fit well on the table, she preferred to work on the floor. She is creating a Comic Cartoon Hero Poster: Super Strawberry Woman! Students had to use colored markers and colored construction paper for this project. We used old super hero movie posters for visual aid and inspiration which were hung on the walls of the art room.

This was my first week as a "real" teacher on my own. The students were great and each project went better then expected. But there are some things I will do differently next time...but that's how we learn as Teachers right?? 
Mrs. L

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